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the story of salt & shore

Like every great story, this one has a beginning, a middle and an ending. Share a little about your business here, but be sure to also use it as an opportunity to highlight to customers how it serves them and how it will make a difference in their life.

The about page serves as a great tool to truly connect with your website visitors, so be authentic and find a way to break up the information so that it's fun to consume. The interactive sections below provide a fun way to provide fast facts that your audience will relate to or enjoy. 

Try ending this section by talking about working with your clients or inviting them to your business as a customer.. like the next sentence. Come stay with us a while. We'd love to share our little slice of paradise you. 

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Website Assets-Arch Outline

This would also be a great place to add monetized links to products you personally love or you use in your biz.


Website Assets-Arch Outline

It really is up to you how to utilize this section, but be sure to use it as a way to connect with your audience.


Website Assets-Arch Outline

Instead of facts, list bucket list items, or design styles you really love, or maybe fave blog posts!


Website Assets-Arch Outline

Your facts can be about you if you're the face of the biz, your location, the area you are in, or not facts at all!


Some fun facts about Bethany

Ross & Rachel G.

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Monica & Chandler B.

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Jimothy & Pam H.

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David & Patrick R.

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Jake & Amy P.

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Website Assets- Arch Filled

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